iPad Book: The germ called Coronavirus

Here are some protective steps you can take to keep your child as safe as possible during this COVID-19 crisis:

Talk to your kids: A quick lesson in proper hand washing can turn into a chat about body safety, or any topic that contributes to meaningful discussion together. These conversations help build a sense of trust, safety, and reliance in children. For more information or strategies for talking with kids, you can access Darkness to Light 30-minute “Talking with Children” online training at no charge by registering HERE here and using code Talk2020.

Image of germs and title of storyAnother excellent way to explain what’s happening in our world in relation to COVID-19 is to read this story to your children.  We recommend reading this to then and then allowing your child to ask questions.  We’re encouraging you to not instill fear about the situation but rather inform them on their level.  Again, take the opportunity to chat with your child about this but also body safety and on-line solicitation awareness.  Children having more free time on their phones, computers or tablets allows for more opportunities for predators to take advantage of them.